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Dr. Maulana Karenga
Professor and Chair

Department of Africana Studies

California State University--Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90840-0905

Tel:  (562) 985-5620

Fax: (323) 299-0261


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and Special Publications

Beyond Connections: Liberation in Love and Struggle, New Orleans: Ahidiana, 1978

In Love and Struggle: Poems for Bold Hearts, San Diego: Kawaida Publications, 1978

Kwanzaa: Origin, Concepts, Practice, Inglewood, CA: Kawaida Publications, 1977

The Roots of the Us/Panther Conflict: The Perverse and Deadly Games Police Play, San Diego: Kawaida Publications, 1976

Names for a New People: An Authentic African Namebook, Inglewood, CA: Kawaida Publications, 1976

Kwanzaa: May Your Holiday Be With Much Happiness, San Diego: Kawaida Publications, 1975

The Us/Panther Conflict and the Tackwood Distortions, Los Angeles: Saidi Publications, 1974