– California State University, Long Beach, Department of Black Studies, Professor, 1989-

  • Courses teach: Introduction to Black Studies, Ancient Egyptian Ethical Thought, Black Religions, Ethnic Experience in the U.S., Critical Thinking in Africana Studies

– University of California, Riverside, Black Studies, Ethnic Studies, 1984-1989

  • Courses taught: Introduction to Black Studies, Black Political Thought, Black Political Movements, African History, Afro-American Literature (as Intellectual History)

– San Diego State University, Afro-American Studies (1984) Associate Professor; (1975-1977) Assistant Professor

  • Courses taught:  Afro-American History, Afro-American Political Thought (developed this), Black People in the 20th Century, Black Protest Before the Civil War, Comparative History, Afro-American and African Heritage, Ethnicity and Social Competence, Cultural Patterns and Identity, and Black History

–University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Afro-American Studies, Visiting Professor – 1983-1984

  • Courses taught:  Introduction to Black Studies, Black Male-Female Relationships, Black Politics

–California State University, Dominguez Hills, Afro-American Studies, 1982-1983, Associate Professor

  • Course taught:   Introduction to Black Studies

–California State University, Long Beach, Black Studies – 1979-1982

  • Courses taught:  Afro-American Social Thought, Black Religion, Politics of Black Power, Needs of the Ghetto Child, Black Man and the Law, Black Legal Remedies, Swahili (Fundamentals and Advanced), Introduction to Black Studies, Politics of the Black Community, The Black Man and the Mass Media, Contemporary Issues of the Third World, and Black Male-Female Relationships

– California State University, Los Angeles, Pan-African Studies, 1977-1979, Associate Professor

Courses taught:  Afro-American Social Thought, Community Power Structure Analysis, The Black Family, Dynamics of Social Change in the Third World, Afro-American Culture, Afro-American History, Black Political Reality, and Politics of Black Power

– United States International University, San Diego, – Social Change, 1977-1978, Adjunct Professor

Courses taught:  Economics, Politics and Human Behavior, and Social and Cultural Change

–Grossmont College, El Cajon, Swahili, 1976-1977

–San Diego City College, Black Studies, 1977

Stanford University, Seminar on Black Politics of the Sixties, Visiting Professor, 1977

–University of Nebraska, Omaha, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Black Studies, 1980

– Guest Lecturer, San Diego State University, in the following classes:

  • Economics and Management in Urban Development, Ethnicity and Social Competence, Law and the Political System, CAMP College Survival, Challenge of Leisure, Minority Group Relations, Minority Groups, Psychology of the Chicano, Women Studies, Afro-American Literature, The Black Woman, and Cultural Pluralism

– Teacher of Record, Multicultural Approaches in Education, SDHRC, San Diego State University Extension, 1976

– Lecturer, Seminar on “The Political Economy of the Black Community,” Union of Experimenting Colleges and Universities, held at UCSD, La Jolla, Ca., l976.

–Lecturer/Consultant, “The Dynamics and Dimensions of Black Power,” Leimburg Center for the Study of Violence, Brandies University, Waltham, Ma., 1968.

–Lecturer/Consultant, Leadership and Community Organization, Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizers (IFCO), Ohio Organizing Project, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio and New York, 1968

–Lecturer/Consultant, Social Action and Community Organization, Urban Training Center, Chicago, 1968.

– Lecturer/Consultant, Social Action, Community Organization and Black/Brown Cooperative Projects,

Social Action Training Center, Los Angeles, 1968.

– Lecturer/Consultant, Minority and Urban Problems, Institute for Training and Program Development, Los Angeles, 1966-1969

– Lecturer/Consultant, Ideology and Community Organization, Center for Social Action, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1966-1969

– Instructor, Black History, Venice Adult School, Los Angeles, 1966-1967